Is 4G for me?

Is 4G for me?                                                                                                         

Hope you read our earlier 2 blogs (1. 4G services – market opportunities and implications     2. As a small medium business why should I blog?   ROI Rationale), asked questions from us (and got proper replies), shared 4G blogs with your friends and family. From the comments and questions on our earlier 2 blogs and through the analysis of multi various social feeds e gather that the most important question in the minds of various voice and data users is: is 4G for me? Do I go ahead and use G over 2G, 1X, EVDO, 3G, etc? To answer this question you can go through our 3rd blog. We assume you have already used various voice and data services for over 1 year period.

  1. Understand who you are, what are your needs etc. For this please identify at least 2 other persons who know you well and who have also been using voice and data services for at least 1 year. With their help try to write down your own persona, the way you are likely to be most of the times. It will be primarily your own thoughts, words and descriptions aided by at least 2 more your close persons. Be as honest as possible and take maximum of 200 words to write your persona.

We have enclosed 2 personas for you and your chosen persons’ kind reference.

  1. Consider what is your budget; at monthly and yearly level. Just put a monthly and yearly figure you are comfortable with. This will give an idea whether the 4G services are really comfortable for you.
  1. Ask more questions from us after completing steps 1&2 or fill out 4G ownership questionnaire which is downloadable from our website. Fill up the questionnaire, either do self test or send the filled up questionnaire to us and we will revert with your persona/profile in 2 working days. You can ask your chosen friends and family to follow same process.
  1. We are keen that you choose 4G services wisely and properly. You should have the ‘Aha’ and ‘Wow’ moments from 4G choice.
  1. Still have a question or suggestion? Do write your comments here and we will be happy to get an answer from us or the community of this blog on 4G services.
  1. We promise to reward best 100 questions, suggestions, comments or answers through a special mobile app which you can download on the device of your choice. This selection will be done by the number of likes and net of positive/negative remarks on each one of your posts by the blog community members. Since there has to be a final authority on the selection, we take the responsibility for the same. In future through a designated panel from this community such final selections could be moderated but as you imagine that has to be after some time with information to you at this forum.
  1. Now you can go ahead and decide “Is 4G for me?” and take the listed steps in this blog.


Two Developed Persona

1. Sheela is an entrepreneur. She has started her own modern retail outlets which keep various general household products. She has competition from other nearby retail outlets. She along with other outlets caters to a micro market having population of 150,000.

Sheela has 2 kids, her husband is a consultant and travels a lot. Her husband’s parents also live with them. Sheela’s parents live 200 km. away. Her father is a successful businessman. She did her Masters in biotechnology. After that she worked for 5 years and then she started her own company for distribution and retail. She is 35 year old, very religious and social in attitude. She has a team of about 1150 people and she tries to manage this team as a family. She has 3G services for her own use and CDMA services for her office, staff and business. She has a website and participates in social media. She has been approached by various retailers to start an ecommerce venture which will need secure, modern and contemporary service like 4G.

Sheela is now better off and in last 2 years she has been earning 200k dollars annual income and her husband has consistent income of about 40k dollars annual income for last 10 years. Sheela is a risk taker and always wants best service from her vendors. She has excellent understanding of B2B , B2C and C2C websites. She is fond of Apple and Nokia brands. Lately she has been using Android a lot and likes the new applications of Android very fascinating.


2.Tapan is a middle level working professional in a big technology company which deals in B2B and B2C both.

Tapan is 36 year old, Masters in Electronics Engineering and MBA in Marketing. He was in Malaysia and Singapore for 5 years. He has been recently transferred to India to look after a new business in financial services. He is married. His wife is a housewife and they have one school going son. His wife is a vegetarian and he is not. Normally they eat out and their best meal is dinner which they try to take together outside.

Tapan travels 50 km. every day for work and has lot of friends and family in India and outside. He is considered a very strong technology person in his friend as well as professional circle. He normally goes in to depth of issues and his views are based on logic. When he gives his opinion people take that seriously.

Tapan blogs extensively on varied subjects.  He has above average understanding of web and frequently uses various sites.He also participates in religious functions though his wife is not very religion minded. As a family they are approachable and travel a lot for social as well as professional services. He makes 75k dollars per annum.

Tapan is always looking out for new brands and monitors the evolution of a new brand closely He is fond of Sony and Toyota as these brands are popular across many nations.


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